The Word of God is a Seed.

Many years ago, I received a word from God, it was a vision of the words “The Seed” what I thought in those days “The Seed” was going to be a book that I was going to write – a book about words of encouragement, a book about miracles that would encourage and help to build the strength of peoples’ faith, hence the seed, and I began to carry a little charm full of mustard seeds on my necklace.

During the last few years, I published 2 editions of the Seed Magazine – for many years, God has been preparing my husband and I – preparing us for what was to come….. and working in our hearts, and growing our ministry…. today, i believe that all of this was to prepare us for what was to come… everything changed in March of 2020, when the entire world shut down because of Covid-19, the CoronaVirus, The China Virus -the worldwide, global pandemic.

Everything in the world stopped, and changed… all in the space of a few days…. Jobs were gone, businesses were gone, events cancelled – people died, lots and lots of people… and no one seemed to understand what was real, and what was not… what would help, and what would not…

It was at that moment when everything seemed at its darkest… that I started to pray to GOD daily that he use ME, that he fill me with peace and that HE remind me of HIS PROMISES, and behold I started to be used….. I stopped watching the NEWS and I began focusing on what the Holy Spirit poured into me instead…..

God allowed me to birth a new idea….

That is how the SEED Magazine, the ReadTheSeed.com, the SEED LIVE as well as El Café LIVE were born, and then even during this time of sorrow…of fear, of resignation….

I felt he was allowing us to share HOPE…with people, and that gave us HOPE, and that gave us Peace…a supernatural peace to surpass all natural understanding…and there was revelation, and a falling away of the scales, and I started seeing things in a supernatural way… seeing the battle on a supernatural level….. and it was not of flesh, it was and is against the powers and principalities of the WORLD. 

There were many days that I would just sit there and listen to music…and just worship, and just pray for revelation, discernment, and understanding…. I would worship, I would praise and I would just cry for the world…

That is how the our SEED Ministry was born….. I prayed to GOD that he use ME…… and behold I started to be used…..

The primary explanation to this parable is the seed that the farmer sows is the Word of God (Mark 4:14; Luke 8:11). Since the Kingdom of God operates on the principle of seeds we must pay attention to the importance of Jesus’ statement concerning the Word being the seed in this parable.

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