Seed Fellowship; Jan 14th, 2022


The Battle for the SOUL of THIS NATION

The Power of the Holy Spirit; with Ministers Jose & Mary Alvarez

Saying GOODBYE to THE Things of THIS WORLD

SEED LIVE: Morning Prayers

Grab your Cafe con Leche and join us every morning as we PUT On The WHOLE ARMOUR of GOD. Learn how to have a better day and a better way…

Seed LIVE: The Awakening;

Friday, March 26th, 2021: The Awakening Luke 8:17 17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.…

The Birth of the Seed…..

I started to pray to GOD daily that he use ME, that he fill me with peace and that HE remind me of HIS PROMISES, and behold I started to…

God, I pray you use me, everyday!

God, I pray that you use me everyday…. That my hands will never be idle for you…That my mind will ALWAYS be filled with peace, and not fear or anxiety.That…

The Seed LIVE is hosted weekly on Shabbat by Victor & Jolie Padilla.

We ALL have testimonies, if you would like to share yours please send me a message at Shabbat Shalom #SEEDLIVE #ReadTheSeed #VivaJesusFestival

Profound Relationship with God

Seed LIVE: God of Miracles!

Ministerial Ordination of Victor A. Padilla & Jolie G. Padilla, Sunday, Jan 17th, 2021

@ Lighthouse Freedom Center; Riverview, Florida. The King’s Ministries International

SEED LIVE: What does GOD say about Compromise!

The SEED LIVE “Spiritual Battles”

The SEED LIVE: How to hear the Voice of God!

Seed LIVE: In This World.. Not of This World!

SEED LIVE: Sowing Seeds On to Good Ground!

Seed LIVE: Entering the Courtroom of Heaven, hosted by Victor & Jolie Padilla